Merico DevChat Product Specific Terms

Last Modified: June 12, 2023

These Product Specific Terms for Merico DevChat, together with the Merico Terms and Conditions and the Merico Privacy Policy, form your agreement with us. The combined document is referred to as the "Agreement." By using Merico DevChat, you agree to the general terms, unless you have a separate Agreement with Merico. Merico reserves the right to modify these Terms and may provide notice of these changes as described in Terms and Conditions. Terms not defined here are given their respective meanings in the Agreement.

1. Merico DevChat Use

To use Merico DevChat, you are required to install a command line tool or an editor or an extension in an integrated development environment (IDE).

2. Use of Your Data

Merico DevChat transmits prompts and snippets of Your Code from your IDE to OpenAI in order to provide you with Suggestions. The transmitted code snippets are only used in real-time to deliver Suggestions and are discarded once a Suggestion is provided. For more detailed information on how OpenAI processes data, please refer to their privacy policy at

3. Responsibility for Your Code

You are solely responsible for Your Code, including any Suggestions you incorporate or reference while developing Your Code. It is your decision whether to utilize Suggestions generated by Merico DevChat. Merico strongly advises implementing reasonable policies and practices to prevent the use of Suggestions in a manner that may infringe upon the rights of others.

4. Ownership of Suggestions and Your Code

Merico does not claim ownership rights in Suggestions. You maintain ownership of Your Code.

5. Acceptable Use

You must not prompt Merico DevChat with unlawful or prohibited content. Additionally, you must not use Merico DevChat to generate Suggestions that you know or reasonably should know would be unlawful or infringe upon the rights of others.

6. Definitions

  • "Code" and "Your Code" refer to the prompts and code you write while using Merico DevChat, including any modifications made to a Suggestion.
  • "Content" refers to text, data, software, images, and other materials that are displayed or made available through the Online Services.
  • "Suggestions" refers to the code, functions, and other output returned to you by Merico DevChat.